Great lectures on such a wide range of topics – I love it – painting, scupture, architecture, furniture, even the history of playing cards. It’s adding knowledge to ‘fill out’ what I’m learning for my Open University Arts degree.

Helen Rose

I always enjoy our meetings, the lecturers are really entertaining and interesting. I’ve had my eyes opened, in the nicest possible way – and made new friends.

Nichola Bridgeman

Jodfas is excellent. We get such good quality lectures every month – top class.

M Slater, Alison Porat, Teresa McFarquhar, M Daw

JoDFAS is fantastic, it is really stimulating and rewarding. The lecturers always manage to find a new angle on even the most famous works of art or artists.

G Hill

Fascinating talks on such a wide range of subjects. I’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed every one.

Peter Clinton, Helen Rose, Julia Taylor

Fabulous special interest day. Food splendid, lecturer: so knowledgable and thoughtful. Well organised as ever.

Janet Ollier

A remarkably good and informative lecture containing a deep knowledge of the history of the instrument with performance wit and erudition

David Hudson

Lectures are of the highest standards and I have always left events feeling that much more enlightened. Coming from Manchester, it’s a fifty mile round trip for me to attend, but very much worth the effort for something that can more than compete with what the big city has to offer.

R Bridges

About The Arts Society Dane Valley

Our base is in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire although we cover a much wider area including South Cheshire and North Staffordshire. We are an informal, friendly group and we welcome new members. We have an exciting programme of events including:

  • Illustrated evening lectures every month

  • Special Interest Days

  • Visits to places of artistic merit

  • Membership also includes a subscription to The Arts Society Review, which contains informative articles about the arts, and is a showcase for many of the wonderful projects that The Arts Society members and Societies get involved with.