Who’s involved with The Arts Society Dane Valley?

The Arts Society Dane Valley ( formerly JoDFAS Jodrell Decorative and fine Arts Society) is run entirely by volunteers.

The society started in September 2012 with a full programme of lectures and has since added special interest days and visits to our list of activities.

The volunteer committee are very friendly, enthusiastic and hard working and they are all keen to make The Arts Society Dane Valley a continuing success. They are responsible for organising all the activities that take place.

  • Chair – Gloria Chadwick
  • Vice-chair – Chris Mcilwaine
  • Treasurer – Jude Petter
  • Membership secretary – Anne Hargreaves
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Program secretary – Heather Jones
  • Social media (and past chair) – Vacant
  • Hospitality secretary – Linda Vaughan
  • Outings secretary – Vacant

We also have a group of volunteers who are not members of the committee but carry out vital roles to help the ongoing success of the organisation. These include eg wine purchase and service, notice board updating, hosting lecturers, taking photographs and general help at events. We really value these helpers and would not be able to function without them!

If you are not a member of The Arts Society Dane Valley and just looking at our website to see who we are and what we do I can assure you that we are very welcoming and active society affiliated to The Arts Society. You don’t have to have any particular knowledge of the arts to join in, just an interest in learning more in a gradual way with almost 180 like-minded members.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, helping in any way or joining the committee please contact us at the address below.